Messy mealtimes? Try the Ez Pz Mat

Ez Pz Happy Mats: Less Mealtime Mess for Special Needs Kids

Meals can be exceptionally difficult times of the day for children and their parents. Outbursts, picky eaters, and fidgeting are problems all children deal with during mealtimes. Special needs children are no different. Many parents of children with special needs search for solutions for some of the frustrations the family dinner table can cause. We recently discovered an ingenious invention that may help your family have a much more enjoyable mealtime. Enter, the “Ez Pz” dinner mats.

Ez Pz: How the Mat Simplifies Mealtime

When children eat their meals, there is always a mess. No matter how closely you work with them, bowls always end up on the floor, plates get pushed across the table, and boredom sets in. One mom saw the need for dinnerware made specifically for children: So she created the Ez Pz Happy Mat. A placemat with the plate built in, the silicone is easy to clean and holds a secret: It suctions to the table, so it can’t move around during mealtime. This video perfectly explains just how much the Ez Pz Happy Mat will simplify your mealtimes:

Ez Pz: Helping Special Needs Children

In past blogs, we have mentioned the organization “Change the Face of Beauty.” The mission of this organization is a commitment for equal representation of “people with disabilities in advertising and media worldwide.” They curate a list of businesses that partner with them to support this mission by including special needs children in their advertising. Ez Pz is a proud partner with Change the Face of Beauty. The founder of Ez Pz has this to say about her commitment to the special needs community:

“I have always had a huge heart and have always dreamt of ways I could give back and make a difference! Ezpz products just so happen to help children with Down syndrome, autism, cerebral palsy and traumatic brain injury, just to name a few…I am a proud supporter of the special needs community and can’t wait to see what the future holds!”

We’re very impressed with this small business’ commitment to the special needs community. We believe these mats will help special needs children enjoy happy, clean, and easier mealtimes! Recently, the company spent a day at the Down Syndrome Association of Orange County. Enjoy this video of kids developing their eating skis with the Ez Pz mat!