New Graduate Nursing - An Interview with a PPHC Nurse

Making an Impact: PPHC’s New Graduate Nursing Program Interview

Getting a job as a new graduate nurse can be daunting. As with any position, employers want to hire candidates who have experience, but getting the experience is impossible without first being hired. Here at Professional Pediatric Home Care, we strive to give nurses the skills they need to provide high-quality clinical care through our Pediatric RN New Graduate Program. One of our nurses, Sabrina, has been with us a year. She sat down with us to explain more about her experience with the new graduate program, and how it changed her life.

Why Did You Choose PPHC’s New Graduate Program?

“It’s unusual for places to offer new grad programs. When I saw the job listing, I thought – pediatrics is awesome – home care would be interesting to try out. I really wanted to work with kiddos. I thought I had to at least try. It’s unusual for places to offer new grad programs; I was told I wouldn’t get a pediatric job starting off as a nurse. When I saw the listing – I thought I had to at least try.”

What is Special about the New Graduate Program with PPHC?

“I’ve been working with PPHC  1 year exactly. I finished the program 6 months ago. They provided valuable education – education that I will use for the rest of my nursing career. They taught really good basics and guidelines. I had to drive from Broomfield to Englewood every two weeks, and I don’t regret it. I am thankful that I stuck with it – it was the best thing that happened for me. It gave me confidence. You meet once every two weeks in the classroom. They have hands-on things like different people talking to the classroom, going over skills, and giving presentations. What’s really awesome is that they tailor it to their type of clientele. They give you so much information that you refer back to. It helped me grow as a nurse.”

What Makes PPHC Unique?

One-On-One Care: “It’s a one-to-one nurse to patient ratio. That’s very unique. You are working one-on-one with a child, and you get to know them. One of my patients last week – I knew something wasn’t right. They looked fine, but I knew something was off. The next week, they were sick. Because I knew them and worked with them so closely, I was prepared.”

Flexible Schedule:” You can really choose what areas you want to work. As soon as they get a case for you, you get a call or you are presented with a case as orientation. The Supervisor team is willing to work with you if you are looking to advance to other case acuity/shifts/locations.  You can start with simple skills as a new grad, and work your way up. I am now a case manager – I have worked from low-acuity to high-acuity cases. I love it.”

What is Your Favorite Thing about Working with PPHC?

“I love what I do – and I mean that wholeheartedly. I love it because I get to work with kids, and I know I’ve made an impact in multiple family’s lives – that is the biggest thing for me. That, and I get to play with kids and call it therapy. I love my job!”

Do You Have Any Advice for Potential New Graduates Who are Wondering Whether or Not to Start the Program?

“I say – don’t think, just do it. Because you won’t regret it. PPHC provided valuable nursing education for my career. It was the best thing that happened for me.”

If you have a heart for the pediatric population, and are a recent RN new graduate, learn more about our new graduate program. We seek to provide novice nurses with the skill set and knowledge they need to transition to clinical nursing practice. Learn more and apply today!