Unconditional Love: A Letter from a Parent to Her Children

A Letter from One of Our Amazing Parents to Her Children

Below is a letter one of our amazing parents wrote to her 4 adopted special needs children. It is a glimpse into the unconditional love we see working with parents and their children each and every day. We were touched by this beautiful letter, and wanted to share with you all:

To our Special Children,

We spend our days feeling so blessed to have you our lives. You have humbled us and taught us what life is all about. We treasure the love and laughter that you share. We wish the world could experience what we experience every day; your worth and what you offer the world. People look at you differently and at times, treat you differently as well. It is hurtful when you are treated unfairly. Though, we believe it is other people’s ignorance or lack of understanding. People are intimidated. You don’t have to worry though, as we am here and will teach people and advocate for you every day. We will make sure you have every opportunity to have the best life possible. We will spend countless days having therapy, visiting doctors, hospitals and emergency rooms, calling pharmacies and supply companies, worrying and praying. We will be up at night because you can’t sleep and feel sad that without medication, you can’t seem to sleep at all. We will educate ourselves to enable ourselves to be your best advocates. We will do everything to help you learn to communicate to the best of your ability. We will help you go to school and have friends. We will make sure that you are safe. We will be at your school often to make sure that your IEP is being followed and you are given opportunities. We will celebrate your every accomplishment, no matter how small it may seem. We will enjoy your laughter and hold your hand. We will adapt toys to help you play and make sure you have every piece of equipment available to help you stand and/or walk. We will cheer for you. We will run with you so that you can feel the wind and swim with you so that you can feel the water. We will cherish you. We will feel overwhelmed often but will not give up on you. We will just work harder. We will count every birthday as a blessing as we cannot take them for granted. Your strength, courage and resilience keeps us going and your smiles warm our hearts. We will love you and do everything in our power to give you what every child deserves, to live, be happy and know love.

Love, Mom