3 Reasons Nurses Should Choose Working in Home Health Care:

3 Reasons Nurses Should Choose Working in Home Health Care: Part 1

Working in home health care is a wonderful career option for any RN or pediatric nurse in Colorado or the Front Range. There are many benefits, both to the children and families you are serving, as well as for your career and job fulfillment. Here are three of the top reasons nurses should choose working in home health care.

1. A More Personal Connection

Home health care is a different level of care altogether. Here at Professional Pediatric Home Care, we schedule in a way that allows you to spend an entire shift with one child and their family in the home. This means you are able to connect on a much more personal level, and get to know their unique situation, personality, and needs. You’re able to see the impact of your care on their daily life because you’ll see them often. This personal connection is better for children, their families, and is very fulfilling for nurses who see the impact they are making.

2. Giving Families the Tools They Need

One of the many benefits of working in home health care as a nurse is that you are able to educate the families of the children you are serving. Many parents have spoken of the advocacy, education, and support they have received from PPHC. This empowers parents as they work with their children. By giving them the tools and education they need, you can create a stronger support system for each child.

3. A More Flexible Schedule

One of the benefits of working in home health care is that you’ll enjoy a more flexible schedule. Because you aren’t working in a more rigid hospital setting, you’ll be able to choose the hours and schedule that fit your lifestyle. This doesn’t mean you won’t make as much of an impact: Because you’re able to spend each shift with one family and child, you won’t divide your time and efforts, and will see a measureable impact in their lives.

Interested in Working in Home Health Care? Apply Today

Working in home health care with PPHC has many great benefits. You’ll be able to forge a more personal connection with each child you work with, will provide education and support for their families, and will enjoy a more flexible schedule. We have positions open at Professional Pediatric Home Care: Apply today, and begin the next step in your career today!