Case Management

In addition to providing the highest quality nurses and therapists to provide compassionate and experienced care for your child, we also offer help with:

Hospital Discharge Care Conference
We are an active participant in your child’s pre-discharge conferences. We help make sure your child is discharged at the appropriate time to ensure the success of the transition. We are involved in coordinating the equipment, training and people to make a successful home coming for all.

Home Assessments
We have case supervisors who will meet you at home prior to discharge to help you determine how to prepare your home for the greatest success and comfort of your child and family. We know it is difficult to have a non-family member in your home and we train our team to work within your boundaries.

Family Advocacy
We have a full time team member, who has experience parenting a child with a severe disability, to assist with navigating the complex, yet inescapable, systems that affect your child.

  • Private insurance policies and how they interface with our services
  • The Medicaid system, including exploring  the many options for Medicaid eligibility including SSI and Medicaid Waiver programs
  • Management of insurance verification, billing and necessary paperwork
  • Community resources, including grants and sources for equipment.

Family Support
We are in your home to help with all the equipment, support and medical assistance you need for your child to thrive in your home.  Our team understands the challenges of having a medically fragile child and is able to help your family physically and emotionally.

Support of the Latest Technologies
We know your child’s needs change and our team works with you to evaluate and make the necessary adjustments to provide the most up to date care. Our nurses and therapists are up to date on the equipment and able to offer your child exceptional care.

High-Tech Respiratory Care

Our professionals are trained on the latest ventilators, CPAP, suction equipment, oxygen equipment and airway clearance systems.

In House Social Worker
We have a licensed social worker to assist with emotional support, social support and counseling.

Community Resources
We have been part of the pediatric heath care community for over 35 years and know what resources are available to support you and your child.

These are just a few of the services we provide to ensure your child receives the best possible care and the highest level of success at home, where they belong, with you.

Each Experience is Personal

At PPHC we strive to support and enhance the strength of the entire family with respect, professional support and compassion. We are able to bridge the gap between hospital-based care and homecare; as well as help families who are already at home. We meet you where you are and offer a broad spectrum of top quality care with superior pediatric and neonatal nursing professionals, pediatric therapy professionals and industry expert support staff. With over three decades of experience, we are committed to helping our extraordinary children and their families reach their optimal level of health and well-being.